Audio Described Events

Many theatres, museums, galleries, and cinemas as well as other community organisations provide exciting accessible recreational activities. From audio-described theatre productions to tactile art exhibitions.

Visit the events calendar and select Audio Described from the drop down list, or call 1300 84 74 66.

What is Audio Description?

Audio description offers people who are blind or have low vision an understanding of what is happening visually within a theatre, television, film, DVD, museum, exhibition or other arts related productions.

Live Theatre

White capital Letters A and D on a black background. 3 sound waves arcing to the right from the curve of the letter D

Delivered by trained Vision Australia audio describers, the service brings transitions, movements, gestures, props, settings, costumes and scenery vividly and succinctly to life during pauses in on stage dialogue. Transmitted to you buy a small radio receiver and single earpiece, allowing you to sit in virtually any area of the theatre.

Pre-show notes are availble prior to the performance via email, providing descriptions of set design, costumes and more. Tactile tours are also offered at selected shows 1 hour prior to the performance. Check the events calendar for availability.

How to book an audio described event

Audio description is available for selected performances at venues across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory.

Tickets to audio described theatre in New South Wales, Queensland or the Australian Capital Territory can be purchased directly through the booking agent. At the time of booking, the audio description service should be requested. The name and contact details of the person wishing to access the service should also be given in order to reserve a headset.

For performances in Victoria, the audio description service can be booked by calling Vision Australia directly once tickets have been purchased through the booking agent.

Art Galleries

An ever increasing amount of art galleries are now offering described tours of their attractions. They include The Melbourne Museum, The Powerhouse Museum, The Maritime Museum, The Australian Museum, Art Gallery of NSW and Museum of Contemporary Art, The Museum of Democracy


Many cinemas now provide audio described films. The description is delivered via a headset handed out when you purchase your ticket.

More information about cinemas can be found here and you can find an accessible cinema in your area here.

Here's a guide on how to find accessible movie sessions on cinema websites.

The Accessible Cinema Advisory Group is keen to hear feedback on your experience of captioned cinema. You can email feedback to .


Check out the new releases page for audio described DVDs and Blue-Ray discs.

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