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Six-year-old Jasper was just 10 weeks old when he was diagnosed with albinism. Jasper can only see well up to about 10 centimetres. Up to one metre, things are okay, but past that everything is blurry and out of focus, just light and shapes.

His mum, Lee, still remembers the shock of finding out about her son’s condition. As she recalls:

“When the specialists said Jasper had albinism, we had no idea what it meant - then they told me he would be vision impaired. We were totally shocked, confused and scared.”

Being blind or having low vision can have a huge impact on a child’s life, but it doesn’t mean that children like Jasper should have to miss out on the same opportunities as other kids.

Vision Australia’s wide range of services include early childhood education to give families reassurance and support, maximise their child’s learning opportunities, and help them develop confidence and reach milestones. A week after Jasper’s diagnosis, Libby a Vision Australia therapist contacted Lee to offer support. As Lee recalls:

“Libby was an invaluable source of support and guidance for us. She also organised play groups for mums of kids with low vision, which was just amazing.”

When Jasper got a bit older, he joined the Feelix Library to help with his language development. Brightly coloured books weresent to Jasper’s home in a box with tactile characters so that Jasper could follow the story by touch and feel.

Jasper has already achieved so much and I know that the world will be his oyster now, thanks to your amazing support. But there are many other children that still need help.

Lee thinks Jasper wouldn’t be where he is today without Vision Australia.

“The way Jasper gets around new environments constantly surprises me. I've said many a time that I couldn't have done it without Vision Australia. It’s not just the practical things they’ve helped us with, it's the emotional support. If they weren’t there, Jasper wouldn't be experiencing half the things he is - it’s been literally life changing, for him and for us, to have that support.”

Your gift today will ensure Jasper and many others like him have the tools and guidance they need to grow up and live whatever life they choose.

$45 can help pay a long white cane, helping children move around safely.
$310 can help pay for a Vision Australia Feelix Library Kit for pre-schoolers, which includes books with braille, tactile toys and a copy of the story on CD.
$1250 can help pay for experienced therapists to be there for children and their families when they need it most.

Please send a gift today so we can continue to provide support and services to children like Jasper, to help them achieve their milestones and pursue their dreams. Thank you. Select here to head to our donation page.

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