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Businesses or any employers who either have staff or customers with a vision impairment will find these resources useful.  It includes tips on how to produce information in suitable formats or the best way to engage with your staff or customers.

There are many causes of vision impairment and peoples' experiences can vary greatly. Vision Australia can help you individualise your support, as required.

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Working with people with vision loss

This booklet has been developed as a guide for working with people who are blind or have low vision at home, at work and in care facilities.

Customer Service Program

To improve customer service to people who are blind or vision impaired, we have developed learning and training resources for trainers. This includes a fact sheet, trainer's manual and a PowerPoint presentation.

The fact sheet on customer service is based on assistance using the 3 A's: Approach, Ask and Assist.

Trainer's Manual on customer service provides trainers with background information about vision impairment, activities and an assessment task.

The powerpoint presentation and text version provides information on assistance with the three A approach and activities for describing and guiding. To view trainers notes in powerpoint go to toolbar, edit, edit slides.

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