Opinion pieces

Vision Australia’s Client Reference Group travel to Brisbane

15 Nov 2016
Vision Australia’s newly formed Client Reference Group (CRG) brings together a cross section of clients with unique skills, knowledge and lived experience and provides advice and feedback to the Vision Australia board on the direction of the organisation.

Using cash with confidence

01 Sep 2016
Today, the launch of the new $5 banknote, which has a tactile feature, is a significant outcome for the Australian blindness and low vision community, to which, I belong.

Jobs and growth for whom?

27 Jun 2016
We’re now at the sharp end of the 2016 federal election campaign and the mantra of Jobs and Growth has featured first and foremost – but why don’t we hear more about job creation for people with disability?

Fighting the tide of inaccessible technology

19 May 2016
As a blind kid, I never imagined technology would one day threaten to throttle my participation in the world. When I first heard the words “that’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” on the radio, I knew that if technology could send man to the moon, then it could also always make it possible for me to do the things I wanted to do to fully participate in society.

Opening doors for working dogs

22 Apr 2016
As a blind person, I have been turned away from restaurants and even airlines. Why? Because I have a seeing eye dog.

Using your ears to hear

15 Mar 2016
Imagine being able to learn information about your surroundings from sound. Similar to a system used by bats to help them find their prey in the dark, people who practice echolocation, or flash sonar, have developed an ability to use sound to help them navigate.

The getting of wisdom

29 Feb 2016
Vision loss at the age of 24 had changed the course of my life. The undergraduate degree in film and television that I had completed when I was fully sighted, was no longer of much use or interest to me.
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