Vision Australia's newsletter, 'Focus' is produced three times a year in Autumn, Winter and Spring, along with Seeing Eye Dog Australia's (a division of Vision Australia) ‘PAWS for a Moment’ newsletter.

Our newsletters are distributed to all supporters and is our way of thanking them all and showing them how their contribution has positively affected the blind and vision impaired community in Australia. We also like to share with our readers stories of how Vision Australia affects lives and, through the generosity of donors, how our fundraising supports the services we provide.

It also provides you the progress of our amazing Seeing Eye Dogs, from new litters being bred, right through to the proud graduates. Our wonderful donors, puppy carers and puppy sponsors make all this possible and our newsletter is filled with stories detailing just how and where their support has helped.

Both these newsletters may be provided in alternative format on request so please contact fundraising if required. A PDF format and accessible Word format will always be available on our website.

Please download our newsletters below, in Word and PDF format:

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