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Helen still lives independently at 100

25 Aug 2014
The secret to living to 100 is sensible eating, keeping active, everything in moderation and not going to sleep angry, according to Vision Australia client Helen Cavanagh.

Thank you Allport Bequest

22 Aug 2014
Vision Australia would like to sincerely thank the Allport Bequest for the generous grant of $5,000.

Women's Pamper Day, a huge sucess

21 Aug 2014
Sixteen women who are blind or have low vision attended Vision Australia in Sydney to learn about women’s health and well-being, fashion, make-up and relaxation.

Thank you Maitland Black and White Committee

19 Aug 2014
A significant component of Vision Australia’s proud traditions comes from the support of a small but committed number of fundraising groups throughout Victoria and New South Wales.

Talking Vision: Meeting Sam of RealSAM

14 Aug 2014
In the program for the week of August 11, the star of the show is Sam of RealSAM. RealSAM is a hand-held, voice-controlled, audio reader and player from Real Thing Entertainment.
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