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Australia needs to get behind paws that have purpose

27 Apr 2016
Fifty-five percent of people who use a Seeing Eye Dog say they have been refused access to a public place, which is why Vision Australia has today launched its “Paws with Purpose campaign" in a bid to put an end to discrimination for people who are accompanied by a Seeing Eye Dog.

Andrew's music gives a gift of happiness

29 Mar 2016
Aspiring musician Andrew V John, from Leura in the Blue Mountains has just released his first EP. For the last seven years he has lived with a deteriorating eye condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa or RP. He only has around 10% vision.

Care for your canine by hiding the chocolate this Easter

23 Mar 2016
Leading experts are reminding dog owners that chocolate meant for human consumption is toxic to dogs. Seeing Eye Dogs Australia Supervisor of Veterinary Services, Dr Nicola Cotton, said that although dogs find chocolate as delicious as humans it’s essential not to let them eat it.
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