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With the Queensland Election set for 25 November, we’re urging the major parties and candidates to prioritise the rights of our community in the areas of employment, education, transport and independence.   

Read our election summary or check out our Election Priorities document (Word, 2.3MB) for full details.

As a voter, you are powerful. Sharing your voice on the issues that matter to you is one of the most effective ways to bring positive change.

Simply caring about an issue and sharing your experience is a great reason to contact your local candidate this election. You can also help keep the issues that matter to you in the public spotlight by spreading the message on social media. It only takes a few minutes to make your voice heard.

Email your candidate 

  • Find your electorate – the electoral boundaries have been redrawn, so this might have changed. Contact the Queensland Electoral Commission by phone on 1300 881 665.
  • Find your candidate’s contact details. If you’d like us to do this, contact
  • Keep your email brief. In a few paragraphs share specific details about what you want and your personal experience. For example, do you want the Taxi Subsidy Scheme to increase to $60 so that you can afford to travel to work and stay connected with the people you love? Download our campaign email template to help get you started (Word , 19KB) 
  • Ask for a response. Candidates rely on your vote to get elected. Finding out how they plan to support your needs is a great way to keep them accountable.
  • We’d love to know how you went. Share your story with us at

Sharing your voice takes courage. If you require any support or advice, our campaigns team is ready to support you at

Spread the word on social media

Social media is a powerful and easy platform to share your voice and to keep the issues that matter to you in the public spotlight.

  1. Spread the word with family and friends by following us Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Send a personal message to the media by tagging the Courier Mail via Facebook or Twitter using @couriermail
  3. Send a personal message to key Queensland decision makers via social media. Listed below are the handles for the major parties:
Major Queensland parties Facebook Twitter
Greens @QueenslandGreens @QldGreens
Labor Party @qldlabor @QLDLabor
Liberal National Party
@Lnpqld @Lnpqld
One Nation @OneNationParty @OneNationAus
Anna Palaszczuk, Premier @APalaszczukMP @AnnastaciaMP
Tim Nicholls, Opposition Leader @TimNichollsMPQld @TimNichollsMP

If you need some support to craft your personal message, we can help get you started:

  • Please prioritise the rights of the 75,000 people who are blind/low vison. #qldvotes #qldpol
  • 70,000 voters represent the QLD blind and low vision community, but our right to vote independently/secret doesn’t exist. My rights matter. #qldvotes
  • Blind and low vision community have the right to access education. Make it happen #qldvotes
  • Increase the taxi subsidy to $60. Tens of thousands of people rely on it.

Contact us

Got a question, or need some help? Our campaigns team is ready to support you at   


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